my perfect world

My Perfect World (Vol. 007)

12/01/2012 11:07:00 PM

Today, I would be surrounded by all of my beautiful friends (#ladybros). I miss them so much sometimes. We have all scattered everywhere... This morning one is in Nashville, another in Wilmington, another in Atlanta, another in Shreveport, another in Baton Rouge, another in Lake Charles. Today, I wish for simpler days. Days like college -- when objectives were clear and drama was about boys and not bills. When driving long distances meant backroads with the windows down and the radio up -- before gas prices made that feel like a waste of time and money. When wine night was any time someone wanted to stop by and Christmas meant time off from responsibly. 

"hashtag nostalgia"

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  1. oh my dear, thank you so much for that sweet comment on my last post. i can't say enough how excited i am that you're back to the blogging grind.

    it's funny that you wrote about this nostalgia, because this week i've been reading my old xanga & missing the glory days of college. well, that, & i CAN NOT BELIEVE how much we've all changed since then. it's rather unbelievable.

    i've also been writing in that particular xanga as of late. it provides me a space to just write stream-of-consciousness style. and that is such a comfort to me!

    ok, time for me to end this book-length comment here on your bliggity blog. 2505 email coming your way soon, my love.





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