Winding Backroads to The Coffee House, a family photo session

7/11/2014 12:03:00 PM

There are places hidden down winding backroad of Louisiana that will give any true Louisianaian pride down into their soul when they stumble upon them.  These treasures are one of the main reasons why I love being a Louisiana Photographer so much. With every new client, there seems to be a new Louisiana-wonder that I'm introduced to. The photo session I'm sharing with you today proves this to be as true as ever...

Mike and Erin have a Cory and Topanga love story, first loves, together since high school.  When he looks at her you can always see the love in his eyes and her face lights up every time their eyes meet -- even to this day.  The love and fondness resonates from the two of them into their beautiful family of three, making capturing their love and family a simple joy! It is just one of the reasons I was so excited when Erin asked me to be the photographer for their family pictures.

David and I drove out to Sorrento, Louisiana (near Gonzalas) one Sunday evening to meet Mike, Erin, and Malcolm (how cute is their son's name?) at "The Coffee House" for a early Summer photo session. The Coffee House, part of The Cajun Village, is a collection of small stores and restaurant stops deep in plantation-country, Louisiana. Or, a photographers dream of eclectic back porches, old cajun-built structures, and a beignet shop.  After a bit of wondering around the grounds, a beignet (or six) and photo-capturing each moment, we all took a break from the late-afternoon heat to head to dinner at The Cabin Restaurant  and waited for a summer shower to pass. We enjoyed a glass of chardonnay (for the girls), a beer-brew (for the guys) and a little bit of cajun-grub.  And at twighlight-hour, with our bellies' full, we snapped a few more of (what I believe are) the best pictures of the day.

These two young-parents of handsome (future-heart-breaker), Malcolm, are two beautiful examples of what parenthood is all about. They understand that it's balance of life, unconditional love, and an life-long adventure that makes a family. They are truly a beautiful couple, wonderful parents, a heart-warming family -- they are truly an inspiration.

Here is a preview from the the day, hope you enjoy! :)

Mike, Erin, and Malcolm, your family is beautiful inside and out. We are blessed to have you as friends (ahem, family).  Erin, you've always been such loving supporter of Spill Love and this creative venture, thank you for your support and the opportunity to be your photographer! :)

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