A June Review: Working Out, Readable News, and a Baby

7/02/2014 09:24:00 AM

It's July 2nd - does it feel like July? Summer has never really felt the same after college. It might have something to do with the over-air conditioned work climate that I spend the majority of my summer days, instead of long days of laying out, spontaneous trips to the beach, and daily snowballs. I never really appreciated by golden skin-tone back then. It's July and I still have to put on self-tanner every time I wear a dress or shorts...pathetic, right?

As we wave goodbye to June, I must admit, it was a good month. There's a handful of things that I've added to my life this past month that will continue to be hobbies, habits and sources of happiness -- so, in good blog sharing form, I'll give you the scoop!!

It sounds silly, a 7 minute workout....but, after taking a long winter vacation from weight and muscle training I really needed something that (a) I didn't painfully dread and (b) was (loosely) structured.

The Elevator Speech about lolo's 7 minute workout: It's an App for your smartphone ($1.99 on iTunes) that offers a full body workout in 7 minutes. Part of what I love about it is you can select the equipment you have in your house (free weights, resistance bands, a chair, etc) and it will cater your workout to the equipment you have (or don't have) available. And, the narrator provides nice tips every once in awhile, "Make sure your push off the heal of your foot when you come up from your lunge."

Why it works for me: Although I wish a 7-minute workout would suffice for a day's training, I know that's just not real life. I normally do my 7-minute workout after my evening runs when I'm still all  sweaty and have my tennis shoes on.  It works because it's muscle training after my cardio and I can always justify just another 7 minutes -- even when I know I need to start prepping for dinner.

(link to lolo's 7 minute workout app)

The Skimm 

In five words or less? It's news made readable.

Their claim, "[an] e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day. We do the reading for you - across subject lines and party lines - and break it down with fresh editorial content."

The Elevator Speech: Every weekday morning they send an email about current events - Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court, The World Cup, Foreign Affairs - but it's light, quippy and somehow manages to breakdown the depths of the world's affairs into digestible bits of information you don't mind reading.

Why it works for me: Although all trendy news forums tend to lean to the liberal side of things, The Skimm really doesn't attempt to stay neutral.

Try it, I really think you'll enjoy it. (Link to theSkimm)

Urban Decay Naked Palette (and Pinterest Tutorials)

Are you a girl? Do you own one of the Urban Decay Naked pallette's?  You probably do, so that was pretty much a rhetorical statement. I'm late to the game, I know. That's what I love the best about it!

By the time I finally purchased this pack there was an entire following of Naked pallette users who had devoted their time to sharing all the secrets to the art of eye shadow with the same makeup pallette I owned!

I know others' have written amazing reviews on this product, so I'll spare you the gushing.  But if you've been lusting over any of the Urban Decay palettes but haven't made the investment yet, once you do, I promise you don't be disappointed. (Check your Ulta points next time your at checkout, you made have a discount! :))

(link to the Naked Palette at Ulta)

Here's a preview of my "The Art of Marking Yourself Up" board on Pinterest where just obnoxiously pinned about 20 of my favorite Pinterest links to the Naked Palette tutorials:

Last, but not even close to least:

Baby Benjamin Louis Billeaud 

Born June 27 at 3:05 PM, Benjamin is the first son of my little sister, Ashley, and her hubby, Matthew.

Elevator Speech: I'm leaving early today to go take pictures of my newborn nephew!!

Why it works for me? Being an aunt is one of life's little treats. Of all the things I do each day, there is nothing that brings me as much joy as my sisters' children. Adding another little rugrat to the mess is just another little blessing in life!! I'm looking forward to getting to know this little guy. So Ash, when ya'll moving back!? LOL ;)

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  1. I use theSkimm too! I feel so grown up when I'm up-to-date on current events.

    PS - Benjamin is too cute. Congrats to Ashley & Matt.





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