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This Sunday Currently (Vol. 009)

6/29/2014 09:58:00 AM

writing in my moleskin journal on the daily.  I have a new companion, my moleskin, that holds all of my daily to do lists and random spikes of inspiration.  It has become so much apart of my routine that I know where it is more times than I know where my keys are. hahaha #truth 

listening to my "Lucky Summer Playlist" on Spotify, on repeat. Made in 2012, with an hour and 49 minutes of play time this playlist has some favorites that just don't get old, like Tay Swift's, "22" and Lorde's, "Royals". It's a combination of laziness and why-fix-it-if-its-not-broken that has kept this playlist alive.  I'll admit though, there are some pretty good summer tunes that are new to 2014. Including Florida-Georgia Line's remake of "I'm in a Hurry."   Mixed feelings about FGL, but they make good music. 

eating Salads with coleslaw mixed in. It's David and I's new favorite salad add-on.  Not very good as the entire salad mix, but delicious when you add some spinach, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, black olives and dried cranberries.     

smelling Fresh coffee as I type this out a day ahead of time. (Inside Secret: I am beginning to believe the key to regular blog posts is "pre-writing" but I really, really need to get ahead on posts! I'd love to know other bloggers posting schedules and thoughts on this topic!) 

wishing my kitchen would clean itself, always. 

hoping that David has a wonderful Birthday week.  That's right folks, David is one year older this Friday, July 4th. (I wish I got fireworks every year for my birthday. LOL)

wearing the same clothes over and over again. I need to go shopping so much. 

loving that Spill Love's Facebook received more that 85 likes this week. It's so exciting and nerve wracking to be a business owner. 

wanting (see above "wearing" - I don't even know what I want besides a good $5000 to spend on clothes and home decor.)

photographing my newest nephew this week for his newborn pictures!!  Congratulation's Ashley & Matt on your new arrival, Benjamin Louis Billeaud.  Now I can say "Nieces & Nephews!!!!" Notice the "s" on the end of Nephew. Looking forward to getting to know #babybenjybilleaud.

clicking Bloglovin', again to enjoy the blogging community and all of it's inspiration.  

grateful for my talented brother-in-law at FiveAngels Woodworks and the beautiful bookcase he's building for our home. (Have you seen the pictures?


Linking to Siddathornton's "The Sunday Currently." 

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