Summer Lovin'

6/27/2014 10:58:00 AM

The heat of Summer is here! As of last Saturday, we're well into the long, hot, sunny days of Summer. And I LOVE it.  I mean, Christmas is great 'n all, but summer is where it's at! With beach trips, tan lines, family vacations, pool days, and sunshine that lasts until eight-thirty in the evening. I love all of it. In fact, the sappy side of me gets a little bit sad every June 21 - the First Day of Summer - because I know that I only have 3 short months to spend with Summer before it leaves for a long, cold, dark 9 months.

The thing is that David and I are children of summer -- In July we'll celebrate David's birthday and August we celebrate my birthday and our wedding anniversary. In fact, it was the early days of summer in 2009 that we started our journey in life together!!

…realizing as I type just how true the "children of summer" statement really is!!  Which is one of the reasons why I enjoy writing & blogging so much, because of these treasures of thoughts and ideas that present themselves as I type. LOL 

Anyways, I'm rambling again…

In Summer's honor, I took to Pinterest this morning to find inspiration in its beauty. (View the Pinterest board below, click to see the entire board on Pinterest!)

Anyone up for a photo session at the beach? 

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