Rural Love with the Graham Family, a family photo session

6/19/2014 12:53:00 AM

Picture posts are THE BEST, especially for the casual blog reader who is really just interested in seeing pretty things, not actually digesting information.  I totally understand (and am so guilty of this too!), which makes today’s post one of the my very favorites!  Not just because it’s a picture post, but because the family in these pictures is model-beautiful!

When Mindy asked me to photograph her family I was so excited! Not only is her family beautiful and photogenic, but I hadn't seen Mindy in years and this was the perfect excuse to get together. Mindy and I are friends from college, our favorite past time back then was sitting on her driveway with a canvas and a paper plate full of paint colors, drinking wine and creating master armature art pieces. Yes, we invented "painting with a twist' way before Painting with a Twist was a thing. hahhaha -- It was Mindy's idea! 

I met the Graham family for the photo session at their beautiful home in Prairieville, LA. We ventured out with a trunk full of props and an ice chest of bottle waters – it’s June in South Louisiana and the Sun was working OT that day.  The venue was breathtakingly beautiful with aged buildings, rose gardens, and hundred-year-old oak trees covering the grounds – a photographers dream.  The next two hours consisted of a combination of smiles, laughing, sweating, and drinking lots of water – but the props, yeah we didn’t need those so much!

Mindy is one of those people who you just can't help but smile around! She's such a doll and after spending Sunday evening with her and her picture perfect family, I really hope she and I make a point to spend more days together.  Maybe we can finger paint with Hunter now?! 

Alright, alright, I told you this was a picture post and here I am rambling on again…

Meet The Grahams:

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  1. Mindy is so cute, & her family is beautiful! I love your photos - the last one is my absolute favorite.





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