This Sunday Currently (Vol. 010)

7/13/2014 02:30:00 PM

Church, grocery shopping, and a lunch date with David does count as productivity, even those I feel like I've done nothing today. My list of things to do today is long ... photo editing, website proposals, exercise (run & yoga), cleaning and cooking.  But, as a promise to myself, I've decided to add writing a blog post to my list of priorities today. It'll be short and sweet (right?!)

So, in hopes to make this short and sweet, here's the condensed version of This Sunday Currently:

wishing today drags so that each action item listed above can be accomplished stress-free so that Monday morning can feel fresh and manageable

hoping Monday and Tuesday are stress-free,  accomplished and productive days at work as I plan to be 'off the grid' Wednesday thru Friday of next week.  There's always a balance of excitement and stress that is associated with going "off the grid."  

wearing a new black, cotton, $12 maxi skirt from Target. I've clearly been missing out on this whole maxi-skirt trend for over three years now... I will be purchasing more.  

loving our new living room layout. David's birthday present was a leather recliner. We rearranged the room when we added the new piece of furniture by facing our two sofas towards each other with our coffee table between them and the recliner at the head of the room facing the TV. It's what I've always envisioned our living room to look like and I'm so happy it is finally coming together. (see picture above)

photographing whatever my heart desired during my time "off the grid."

grateful to have wonderful sisters who are always there for support, love and laughter.  

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  1. Loving how your living area is looking and a teeny bit jealous of the recliner!


    1. Thanks Alice! I'm enjoying it very much. :) I still need to figure out the perfect thing to do with that big blank wall behind it...





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