Where Does the Time Go?

7/25/2014 10:38:00 AM

I'm pretty sure that yesterday was Monday, so you can imagine my surprise when it's already Friday. This week flew right by. Unfortunately blogging was not high enough on the priority list to get more than two post this week (moral fail).  I continue to tell myself that I don't need to write entire stories in my posts, sometimes just a line of thought and a picture is enough.  Because what I love about blogging most of all is the memories that they induce.

Which brings me to my recent love for Timehop. Have you downloaded the app? It has to be one of my favorite things to look at in the morning -- it never seizes to amaze me how much of my life has been publicly time capsuled. And I love it.

Take for example my timehop back to last year, which is awkwardly like my insta post from last week. (I kind of love it!)

One Year Ago. 

Last Week. 

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