Coffee pots and iPads, A Journal Post

7/03/2014 07:05:00 AM

This morning is feeling really random.

1. I left both of my laptops in a friend's car...I'm so lost without them. So, I'm on my iPad. The iPad that I never use, like, ever. Okay, that's a lie. I use it when we're traveling as a kindle and I use it when I'm being adventurous in the kitchen to read the Pinterest recipe I'm attempting. Both of these things happen about once in a bluemoon.  Because I never use the IPad it's about a year behind on software updates....

Hey Apple, I am so over alllllllll of your software updates. My iPad, my iPhone, my Mac. I don't use one of them for a week and it's outdated. Hey Adobe, I'm looking at you too.

My iPad and Mac are about 18 month old and I feel like they are dinasours. How is that possible?

2. I made coffee with my coffee machine this morning. Yep, I took it out of hiding and actually brewed a pot. Hadn't done that sense the day after Christmas when I hooked up the Keurig.  The coffee maker might come out of hiding permanently, it's kind of nice to pour a whole cup of huge coffee.

Moral of the story, I'm in a time warp this morning straight back to 2013 - Making pots of coffee and using my outdated iPad to write a blog.

Side note: it's David's birthday tomorrow (but he might be getting a present early!) Hey Husband, do you read the blog? LOL

xo, jenny

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  1. I've been using my coffee pot for almost an entire month now, & I am completely LOVING brewing a whole pot. Not only are the sounds of a brewing pot of coffee comforting, but it's nice to have a whole pot, even if I end up throwing a lot of it out. YAY COFFEE POTS!





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