things are looking up

4/07/2010 12:12:00 PM

Realizing what the problem is more than the first step to solving it.

I realized I was bored with myself.
I said I was bored with myself.
And then I started finding ways to be unbored with myself.
It took approximately 5 minutes.
And last night, finally, I felt good again.

This week has been a serious improvement from last. Last week I was in a funk. So much of a funk that I actually remember what the funk felt like. It felt heavy and drained. The worst part was how I projected it on people (and by people, I mean David). Being a complainer was never my intention; but sometimes when things get so built up it becomes part of you instead of just being a way you feel.

I have reinstated positive thinking.
And humor.
And girl time.
And shopping.
And creative time.
And exercise.

I got a little, babystep promotion. This means more time Marketing at work.
Marketing is were I am suppose to be. I feel it. It feels right.

There is just something about springtime and music

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