4/25/2010 09:11:00 AM

Today, Sunday, I was up at 6:45 AM. Wide awake, no alarm, no sudden noise to wake me...just awake and ready to start the day. I guess when you have a  routine for long enough it even effects your weekend. It's started a pretty productive Sunday thus far. Cleaning mostly. I must get my life in order. I must simplify my things. The clutter is wearing on my nerves and causing me to be a little crazy (crazier than usual, anyways). My room, 2 years later, is finally coming together. Still slowly, and I’m not in love with it quite yet...and maybe I never will be, unless I paint it. Painting is not going to happen for the next few months so I have embraced the warm, soothing color of brown. But the point is, I'm simplying and it is giving me peace and making me less anxious.

I still need curtains and a rug in my room. These will be things that I search for until I find exactly what I want. I'm not rushing it. And in truth, I would much rather buy a new pair of jeans and shoes before I even considered curtains in my room. My wardrobe will never be what I want it to be, but it's getting somewhere closer. Except my shoe collection, that needs serious work. Like $500 worth of work. So, after I buy a new pair of designer jeans and about 2 more pairs of shoes, then I will invest in curtains and a rug. Until then, I'm good with where my room is. Good, not happy.

Next to update? The music collection. There is so much music everywhere. Next weekend at Jazz Fest (with A-C. and hopefully Lauren) will undoubtedly jump start this process. Lauren, you should know this blog has been written while listening to your playlist. And, well almost all of the songs will be added to my iPod as soon as time permits.

Ashley, my little sister, set a date for her wedding. It will be January 8, 2011. Two weeks after Christmas and about 8 weeks after Aprel, our older sister and the Matron of Honor, births her 4th child. Which reminds me, when I begin to plan my wedding please remind me that its a joyous occasion and as ready as I will be to have my day it requires a certain amount of time from others and I must remember to consider them in my planning. It's not just about me; it's about him and our families celebrating our unity. Not rushing, for any reason. It will be beautiful, and wedding planning is always exciting, so here goes.

Okay, yard work and running is on the agenda for the rest of the morning before my honey comes over.

With love.

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  1. i absolutely love it when you reference my playlists in your blogs! :) can't wait for jazzfest!





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