spending some quality me time

6/14/2010 10:45:00 PM

I spent the evening with my computer exploring people and things that I thought were beautiful and I want to be part of me.

I needed it. And now I need sleep.

i know what i want to do. now, it's just getting there.

i forgot how much i love working out. I'm addicted.

my next mission is finding time to do the things i love. one thing i'm going to element is going out on the weekend with exceptions to special occasions.

i need to decide if i want to save my money on a nice camera and if so, what kind. if i do, what will i take pictures of and will i have time for it to be worth it.

i know a guy who is quitting his engineering job to be a photographer and travel the world. <3

i need to take a break from creating and just soak up inspiration. too many fun things going on right now for such a break, but my imagination needs it. I'm pretty used up at the moment.

this weekend nothing but father's day is going on. i can't wait for the relaxing weekend. it's so much needed.

well kids, this isn't what I expected it to be. but i'm kind of okay with how random it is.


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