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10/04/2010 12:33:00 AM

I started writing a new facebook profile and realized this was an overshare...but I couldn't delete it or complete the long drawn out thought. I decided I would just post it. You probably all know all of this already, but in case you didn't - Don't Judge Me.

I work too much, I live in my car. I spend more time trying to cleaning up than the amount of time things stay straightened (at least it feels that way). I’ve recently found an appreciation for football I wouldn’t have thought was possible three years ago. I’d do close to anything for any of my friends. I love my family and hang out with them every chance I get. I live with my brother, next door to my sister’s beautiful family, and my parents live within jogging distance of my driveway. Speaking of working out, I wish that happened more often than it does. I do play volleyball with an awesome crew of people and I consider that working out (but I know it’s not). I am in an amazing relationship with a man who exceeds all of the expectations I had for a relationship. He asks, “why are you so perfect for me?” I respond, “cuz God made us that way.” And I really, truly believe that. I’m on a search on how best to contribute to society. I’m a strong Catholic. I’m a conservative Republican. And I’ll proudly contribute my religious and political beliefs to my parents. I work in Marketing Development at EDG Consulting Engineers, most days I love my job. When I’m not working there I am working for SportFit Nutrition (look ‘um up on facebook). I’m in love with every season except for winter. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Really, I just don’t care much for January or February. I have a blog I also love twitter, @spilllove J. Look me up. I just want to make the world a better place – a prettier place. I have drinks with T on Mondays, and G & Brother & A on Thursdays. I don’t feel like I’m any older than 21. I feel like I look 30. I love creative projects. Sometimes I’m not paying attention to a conversation because I find myself thinking way too much about the details of something like a wallpaper pattern. I don’t look at my cell phone when I’m at dinner with someone. I text while driving. I’m late for things, but I really wish I wasn’t. I love God and wish that I prayed more. Really, I feel like I should just be on my knees thanking him everyday for all the wonderful pieces of my life. He really does answer prayers. --- this isn't the end this is just when I realized it was 12:35 and i needed to go to sleep.


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