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4/15/2011 09:51:00 AM

I'm having a love affair with my camera! 

Boys & Girls, this past weekend I have to privilege of documenting some of the sweetest and most beautiful children you will ever meet {in my completely bias opinion}. I'll share with you the first of the weekend, Isabella Grace. Bella is Mindy's, my BFF, eldest child. And an exact replica of Mindy herself.

:: BREAKING NEWS :: Mindy will behaving a little Boy in September to add to her precious little familiy. One boy & one girl! Love it!

This was my first little person shoot and I had my fears and doubts, but I absolutely loved it. Bella did an amazing job as a model & I look forward to taking her summer, Thanksgiving & Christmas photos too! (Mindy doesn't quite realize this yet, but I think it will only take a little convincing!! :))

There's this funny thing about photographing little ones -- they know exactly when they want to be cute and exactly how to not have their face in the picture. hahaha We'll use the above picture as reference & confirmation of that.

I must say, even though she wasn't trying to be cute in the top picture, it is a very adorable picture anythings. {I love that duck}

This is one of my favorite pictures in my collection of pictures so far.
I think it's feels so soft & sweet. 

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Moral of the story, Saturday morning was a success.

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