Memory {Car} Lane

4/26/2011 06:03:00 PM

For those of you who don't know, my ever faithful Honda CRV, Bethany Regal, found her end on April 17th on in downtown New Orleans. And now, I'm on a search for her replacement in my life. It's like when you are trying to replace a really good hair stylist -- practically impossible.

In an attempt to find the humor in this situation, we're going to take a trip down memory lane. Buckle up...if any ride was dangerous is was this one.

Car 1 - 'The Kia'
My Kia Sportage. He fell down a hill, was sideswiped by a robber, ran into Mindy's house, taught me how to change flat tires, and I was happy to see him go.

Car 2 - 'The Yellow Roach'
Bug 1, as we will call it, was my dream car. It was part of me, the only thing that I could truly call my own in college. Considering I drove 5 hours to school from home, me and the roach spent some serious quality time together. Sure, I didn't treat it like I should have, but I loved it just the same. But one long Thursday as I drove home to meet my niece, Graci, I guess I took a nap on the interstate, cuz the next thing I knew I had flipped the poor thing. And bam...I smooshed the bug. (I wrote about it in my (then) blog link

And then...
Car 3 - 'The Shuttle'
My leather-seatted, turbo charges, sunroofed, seat heated, rims trimmed in yellow, little yellow piece of awesomeness. And when you turned up the radio loud you could feel the seats bumped with base. If i loved the first one, I was madly in love with this one. We so frequently travelled I-20 to I-55 to I-12 with a car full of things the back seat never really stayed in its rightful position. Instead passengers (aka Lauren Sowell) would enter and exit the vehicle via shuttle entrance -- better known as the back door -- and ride luxioury style with pillows in the 'back back'. It was my college-self at its best. Until those dreadful summer daysssssss...
We won't relive the bashing and smashing that happened to the poor Shuttle. It's really dreadful and is coupled with a completely none related trip to the emergency room.

But in the Glory Days -- (if you look really closely you can see the yellow trim on the rims)

The next 6 months were followed by lots of walking....

I adopted 
Car 4 - the Honda Civic
Yeah, it never really got a name because it was my transition car. My eldest sister handed it down to me. The little blue car still lives a happy life as a commuter car of a very dear family friend.

Car 5 'Bethany Regal Darling'
The Honda CRV
She brought me all over the place for over 80,000 miles. I loved the mess out of her and her awesome gas mileage, sunroof, auxiliary plug, perfect size for going anywhere and bringing anything. I loved her so much I bought her new tires - no other car touched my bank account like that. But, she has joined The Roach & The Shuttle somewhere in good car heaven. 

And well -- needless to say, with that kind of a history it's hard to find a new car that I truely, truely love. You know, on a 20-something salery. Because I could still love the Mercedes BLK with my whole heart if someone wants to put up the cash for it! :) be continued...

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