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5/15/2011 10:33:00 PM

I bought a new car. Have I told you? I know I told facebook & twitter & consequently instagram, but I never actually told you. Seren, is a 2010, pearl white Nissan Rouge and the current highlight of my life.

Seren tracks my average MPH since I last set my odometer. Apparently the last 900 miles my average speed has been 42 MPH. I think that means I’m boring. But, I am averaging 26 miles to the gallon so that counts for something!

I’ve been struggling again with my face, again. Yesterday was a bad day for me, today I’ve come to terms with it, but I really, really wish that it would get better. I thought it was for a moment, and then it decided to go back to being ugly. I know I need to clean my makeup bag, maybe I can do that tonight.


I’ve been taking more pictures than I’ve been sharing. But truth is I’ve been taking more pictures than I can edit. It’s very time consuming. Nonetheless, I still love it. I want to explore more with f-stop, well actually manual settings in general.

Photography has given me a completely new outlook on the world. But like all creative ventures, I need to be inspired. That must be a struggle for plenty of photographers, if you’re worn out, doesn’t it take a toll on your product? Actually, most of the time I have a camera in my hand I can’t stop smiling. But there have been a few times that circumstances and stress has taken its part on me.


Before I found my creative path, which was much too recent in life, I saw the pictures that circulated of Google’s headquarters and Laughed Out Loud. Of course I wanted to work there, but I didn’t understand how playing pool or getting a massage helped your productively leave. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I bet the people at google have the highest creativity level of any business in the world. And with creativity, for creative people, comes productivity. Good job Google, figuring that one out.

Just image how different their office dynamic is. I would imagine it was less stress and a lot more night owls than early birds, right? I mean, what designer do you know that doesn’t get their best work done past 10 PM? Are the creative brains and the night owls synced somehow? Surely not, I know plenty of left-brain thinkers who stay up just as late as I do.

So…I just took a ‘right-brain vs left brain test’.  Your Turn!

I’m 67/33 right-brained. I love personality tests!!!!

The end.

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