Dear May, sad to see you go, but happy to see you done.

5/30/2011 10:21:00 AM

May has been a whirlwind and a half. We knew that May was going to be a busy one...and this weekend was quite the conclusion!

May was David's 8th anual crawfish boil, Mother's Day, dad's birthday, sister no. 4s birthday, Grace's birthday, Amanda & Stephan's couple's shower, Mr. & Mrs. Amato's wedding (same people as Amanda and Stephen), and that was just the big things that happened on the weekend. May was also finding out sister no. 3 is preggers, girl time, jet skies, confession, photoshoots, editting out of my mind, and of course the 9-5...

May, it's been fun...until next year -- adios!

This weekend actually started on Wednesday for me. I packed a bag and spent Wednesday & Thursday David's. Wednesday was a crawfish boil at his house. They were, oh my gosh, so amazing....and just to rub it in....
And our cook's, Mr. Dave & David. They did an amazing job!!

As said in the previous post...I wish that I had more pictures to share with you. Really, I just wish that there was a really great photographer following me around all the time! 

::: Warning: If you don't love pictures you may not be able to relate the gushing I'm about to put forth. :::

There's just something about a photo that capsulate’s a memory. I'm certain that it helps us recall the events in our life, that's a no brainer. There's something so unbelievably spiritual about the mood a photo can give us from an occasion. It's the art of capturing that mood, that feeling, that makes photography something worth pursuing. At least for me. Sometimes, during the journey of learning my camera I forget what a photo means. What a picture is. A photo has the ability to capture a moment, even a feeling, that could over wise be lost forever. It's the art of providing memory recognition in one of its truest forms. And this is one of the million reasons I fall a little more in love with my Canon every time I shoot.

And...moving on.

Okay, question. How tacky or not tacky is it to bring your DSLr to a wedding that has another paid photographer?  I know, or hope, that one day I will feel like my camera is more of a job than an obsession. But, for now, I wanted an oppertunity to take pictures of the big day. I left the DSLr in the car for the ceremony...but, for the reception, it came out! I couldn't help myself. I tacky?!
Regardless, I can't help but share a few:

By the way, the Amato wedding was one of the best weddings I have ever, ever been too. It was at Amada's (the bride) grandmother's country home, stunningly beautiful, and it literally went on all night long. At least, from 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm when we left that evening. The DJ played everything good, including the 'Boot Scoot Boogy' twice so we could 'practice'. And 'You Belong to Me' by T. Swift as karaoke. And invisible double dutch (as seen above) was the most popular dance move of the night. You are welcome, for that one!! :) LOL It's kind of my stable. hahahaha I'm a dork.
And now it's Monday...Memorial Day. And I'm at work.
In other news, I'm making a promise to myself to be a better blogger for the summer. It's taking second priority only to working out. I will be better at it. I'm determined!!

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2 comment(s)

  1. Great pictures, dear. Take that camera everywhere. I like seeing the outcome.

  2. Beautiful Pictures Darling! Geez Louise, How I miss you. I kind of hate reading about your daily life and obviously not see myself in it, like I used to be. La Tech Days, you are missed.

    p.s. I had to work Memorial Day as well.. it sucked!.. except that it was the easiest/best day of traffic (or should I say "non-traffic") ever.






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