Growing Pains

3/30/2011 05:56:00 PM

If you love me click on my label 'happy'.

I just did and I love me in all of those posts.

Oh but don't you just hate it when you know you've been a better 'self' than you are being at the exact moment you are in. I don't like the song, but it's like Toby Keith says 'i'm not as good as I was once, but i was good once as I ever was.' (my apologies to me and you for possibly making you find the tune to that song and getting it stuck in your head, that was really not my intention).

I feel so worn out. Oh and you know what else I've been doing a lot of lately? Working for fawee. I love playing photographer and I don't need to tell you how much I'm in love with photoshop. (Oh gosh, but what's not fun it those tedious photoshop jobs when you have cellulite and eye circles and hair frizz to play magic on -- DISCLAIMER: not that anyone I take pictures of have any of these problems).

I've digressed....where was I?...'working for fawee'.  This weird thing happens to my brain when I do that. I feel like I'm working all of the time and I still have no money. And then I get all sad and stressed and want to spend all of  the money I do have on J. Crew. Who was mean kind enough to name a dress after me. (Why do I feel to inclined to buy it just cuz it's my name?)

Jenny Dress

Truth be told. I feel a little aimless. Which I didn't realize until last night around 9:45 when I told twitter. Funny how thinking about 'What's on your mind?' (- facebook) can actually help make you realize things about yourself.  (Find a lighter topic). I keep getting off track... Aimless.... let's reference blog post March 11, 'Just to Write a Blog' (was that really this month? It seems like forever ago.)

What I do know & know I love:
- Photography
- blogging
- The blogging community
- All Social Media
- Interactive web design (love & want to learn)
- Vintage designs
- Photoshop
- All adobe design products
- Art, graphic & photo
- Short films (love, & want to learn)
- Running

What I need to do:
- Become better at spelling & grammar - Create & build my personal website
- Strengthen the skills that I already have before moving on to another.
(like build my website before starting to play with video editing).
- Workout more
- Take personal time to better become who I want to be

SNAP -- I've made no progress.
(sidebar - I did spell 'tedious' right on the first try!!)

You know in college when you have a collage advisor and when you get off track they help you find your path again? Why doesn't big kid life have those?
You know in college when you have all of your best friends surrounding you all the time and helping you maintain your true and best self? Why doesn't big kid life have those?
You know in college when you're best friend broke up with their boyfriend and you bought the bottle of wine to drown the sorrows and it was done? When is big kid life like that?
I think I miss college. Except those extra 15 ell bees. College can keep that.

Bahh. Can I just quit being okay at everything and start being awesome at something. Really soon, okay! These things take time. I know, I know.

Okay. Time to go be good at volleball and being a girlfriend. I really am pretty awesome at being a girlfriend. I have references! (Or one really great reference anyways!)

By the way, I'm tracking you with Google Analytics. If you have blogspot, you have to set it up.

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  1. this post just described exactly to a 't' how i feel right now. i miss college so much. 'big kid life' sucks, because it's lacking all the good things you mentioned.





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