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3/28/2011 10:08:00 AM

A beautiful friend {and inspiration} of mine is Grace LaRocca. Until last April she has been working in an oil refinery for 3 years as a drafter in the middle of nowhere and she was absolutely miserable. We would 'work email' about how we hoped to be in other places in our life. And she used the majority of her paid vacation on movie sets trying to pursue her dream job...but at the same time being responsible. But, she was miserable. You could hear it in her voice, see it on her face, and feel it when you were with her. But 'it paid well'. And then, the downturn in the economy hit and the place she was working took a downsize and her life took a turn for the best.... 

Since then, you can find her on set at almost any of the local movies, indy films and TV shows. She knows the cast and most of the people behind the scenes. In fact, she recently was the Director of Wardrobe for a pilot filmed in New Orleans. And...was she an extra on Twilight?

Lucky for me, she agreed to be the star of my camera last Saturday for a little photo session. And we had a absolute blast! We had 4 wordrobe changes & one bottle of wine. So, before we see how the photoshoot went, let me introduce you to Grace with a little Q&A.

The Acting Side:

Spill Love: What are some movies that you’ve been in?
Grace: Green Lantern, Columbiana (got my first lines in a Hollywood film), Revenge of the Bridesmaids, Treme, Looper, so many more, and I've {had} lead roles in some indies {&} commercials.

SL: Proudest job so far?
G: When I worked on Columbiana, the director told me to improvise with Michael Vardan {look him up}

SL: Most famous person you met?
G: Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Chad Michael Murray, I caught Samuel L. Jackson checking me out ;), Luke Wilson

SL: Nicest famous person you've met?
G: I hung out with Zac Efron, {he is} the sweetest guy ever!

SL: Why you love what you do?
G: It's in my soul ever since i was young I wanted to act....I told my mom at 5 I wanted to be an actress.

The Personal Side

SL: Favorite place to shop?
G: Of course like high end but on a lower budget with a house note....I love can find great things... expensive name brand stuff for very cheap :)

SL: What is your guilty pleasure?
G: Heels.....dresses....I love them.....I always try an buy a new dress every time I have an events (I guess that's the movie star in her! :) -SL).

SL: What magazine cover do you want to be one?
G: Love to be on Glamour......the shoots look like fun an the clothes are amazing

SL: If you could share wardrobes with a celebrity, who would it be?
G: Probably Kim Kardashian...her clothes are different - love her

{the photoshoot}


{still the best & fav}

{okay, I'm just having fun}

And that's Grace. I'll admit, she's not hard to take pictures of, she's absolutely stunning. She makes me love being a Photographer.

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