Summer's Last Fling

9/04/2011 12:00:00 PM

I come to you from the 'sunny' shores of Destin, Fl. I use quotation only because the sun is only trying to come out, as Tropical Depression 'Lee' is slowly blowing ashore the majority of the gulf coast, including my home in South Louisiana. It's alright though, because as I awaited this trip I felt weird basking in the sun just days before the calendar allowed me to wear boots, so the windy-overcast sky is actually allowing relaxation and lots of reading, which is exactly what vacations are suppose to conjure! At least for me.

I'm currently reading, "Love the one your with" by Emily Giffin and I can't seem to put it down. In fact, I had to leave it on the bed in my room as to not be influenced to 'read just a little' before writing this blog. hahaha It's just such a easy read and although I read slower than the average 7th grader (which is probably why I never read) I'm enjoying every minute of it. Thank you, Lauren, for the suggestion!

Our condo is located just blocks away from the beautiful Florida beaches. The beautiful beaches that David and I have only experiences thus far in our running shoes. haha, he and I have run together both mornings we've been here and it feels amazing. Not only the fact that I we are getting in cardio, but also because there is something so easy about the way we run and walk and chat about random topics both light and substantial. David, my camera and I are all suppose to make a trip to the beach today or tomorrow, after which I'll share the experience....well, hopefully!! Hahaha (Seems like the more I mean to blog the less often it happens, these days).

And, I conclude this entry, missing one very certain thing - a photo. I promise to write you at least one more time before leaving this last summer vacation. Maybe giving you a revue of the book that I may, or may not finish. Maybe with pictures summarizing the rainy days of vacation. Maybe recapping you with my purchases (including my new TV). Or maybe nothing but a hey and a good excuse why I'm writing such a short entry only to keep my promise.

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