October Two

10/03/2011 12:27:00 AM

I'm not much for TV. Let's be honest. I've gone the majority of the last 3 years on my life without it. It's one of the few things David isn't quite able to comprehend about Beau and I's 'unconventional household'. Nonetheless, I hulu.com just a few of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl, 90210, House, Glee, and Grey's Anatomy are the top shows that I try to keep up with. So, it's one of the (only) reasons I get excited about fall.

I'll be honest, again, (like I have ample reasons to lie on my blog or something) I have this syndrome where my fingers and toes respond very poorly to cold weather so I have a serious issue with the cold temperature. Not to mention, oh my gosh, I hate getting dressed in September. No cords, no boots, no linen, no strappy sandals, no sweaters, no white (what are the 'new' rules for white anyways? I thought I had a clue...but, nope...still confused). So, what the heck did you wear in September? Yep, I made a few questionable fashion choices. I was caught in boots too early a few times. But, I can say, I never ventured into that white after labor day thing. I just couldn't. Next year. Maybe. Although, I did wear a dress that had a white base color today. I felt wrong the entire time I was wearing it. October does have a little promise though, cuz the cooler weather clothing becomes more acceptable, but it's not so cold that it's intolerable. Oh, and Christmas shopping is still seemingly bearable.

Despite my resentment for the cooler weather and clothing situation, I do get excited about football. I'm quite the little Who Dat Nation-ite, these days. I scream on 3rd downs with the very best of em. And the Houston @ Saints game was one of the very best games I've ever experienced. As for LSU, David informed me tonight that we may be in attending the Florida game this coming weekend, and I really, really hope we find tickets. It would be our first visit to Death Valley this year!

Back to TV. I thought I would do a little 'review'. Althought, I haven't watched "Hart of Dixie" yet, but I am pretty certain it will be added to the list.

Grey's. How long has this been in the mix? It was a long time favorite of mine. However, this season premier left me with a nasty feeling. A feeling that made me wish that I hadn't supported them, at all. If you are familiar with the episode, you may know what I am talking about. I am very disappointed in the way they handled a particular issue. I'll watch the next episode, just to see if they can possibly redeem themselves. But, I'm sad to say, that I will probably be taking Grey's Anatomy out of my normal rotation of shows. I can't do much to prevent others' minds...but pray. But, I can do what I can to cut their ratings.

Christina Applegate, I love you. She is just so down to earth, I feel like I actually know her. Up All Night will be one of those shows that I don't watch all the time, just so I can have marathons of them on Saturdays and watch them all at once. You know, some shows just leave you wanting more....and I need to let them add more before I can get addicted. LOL Take a few minutes to spend some time with Up All Night. It will help your relationship, your friendships, and your attitude. At least, that's what the first and only episode I've seen did for me!! 

Gossip Girl. I'm hoping that they spend some time this season developing the characters into the adults they've been acting like they are for the last four seasons. I'll say this, I'll continue watching just for the outfits. But, as of the first episode this season...I'm afraid that B, S, Lonely Boy, and Chuck all need a reality check. I mean, can how much more of a charmed life can these kids live? And what in the world happened to Little J and Vanessa? But, like I said....the clothes. To.Die.For. Oh and Serena gives me the confidence I need to go three days with optional brushing of my hair. 

And that is that folks. Have you watched Glee? Or Hart of Dixie? What about Dancing with the Stars? LOL

What do you think of the new blog format. I've got a feeling it's going to change again soon.

xo, Jenny

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  1. I've been meaning to watch Up All Night but I missed it when it came on and then no one I know saw it. Glad to know it's everything I had hoped it would be. I'll be on hulu all day now:)





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