Photography. And Google Earth.

10/25/2011 06:12:00 PM

It’s been awhile. I’m saddling back up and getting on the horse on Friday and it’s exactly what I need right now. That horse? Yeah, it’s figurative. I’m really referring to my camera, my photography.

The true halt of photography was my summer devotion to working out. Hahaha no really, in my head I put working out as No. 1 priority. It’s comical now, I know. Cuz, well, my summer was hardly devoted to fitness. It’s the thought that counts, right? No, no, in this case I don’t think ‘thought’ counts AT ALL. Nonetheless, Spring 2011 was consumed with late nights of Photoshop, weekends of plans revolving around photo shoots, and lots of aspirations. I was inspired. And then I got overwhelmed. And then I got tired, and then much too soon I felt burnt out. I begin to feel like I was disappointing people cuz I would take pictures that would only go on to clutter my hard drive…and never make it anywhere for anyone to experience…I felt my interests drifting. I felt my passion fading. I felt myself letting go. Like getting your heart slowly broken, I felt numbness inside. I miss it so much.

Truth is I could go on all day about all my excuses. About how it’s so time consuming, budget bearing, and exhausting. Then again, isn’t anything worth doing exactly that?

So…Friday, Friday its back on!

And I couldn’t be any more excited! Here’s the pinterest inspiration board devoted to Friday. 

Google Earth.
Old news, right? Wrong. Oh my gosh, it’s awesome. My sister, ohh my wonderful sister with the precious children that I could gush over all day long...We need to have a family photoshoot, soon soon. Speaking of working out, we’re going run tonight. LOL Okay, I’m getting way off track….My sister & her husband referred me to a good place for a shoot. A couple of texts later and…GOOGLE EARTH…I’ve found the location. The cheap, lazy way. Really though, it’s kind of in ‘East Egypt’ and gas in $3.39 a gallon. I’m an aspiring photographer…remember. I’m scrapping pennies for my next lens…I save pennies where I can. Hahahaha

Anyways, Google Earth has photos of the location. How geniuses are those people at Google?

So, here’s to three things that continue to amaze and bewilder: Photography and Google. I may never understand you. But I’ll die trying to convince others that I do. LOL

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  1. i'm really excited you're getting back into it. and i can't wait to be one of your subjects!





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