True Beauty & a Fauxtoshoot

8/28/2011 10:26:00 PM

As a self-proclaimed 'aspiring photographer' I'm thrilled by all the wonderful people in my life who have allowed me to shoot them. On that same note, sometimes my post-processing processes take over my entire life. Haha The things that suffer the most are my sleeping habits, my laundry, and the space on my computer. Nonetheless, I've loved most every moment of it.

Naturally, when two of my favorite girls came in for a visit we had to have a photoshoot! You should have seen the closets that exploded in my livingroom and  our massive shoe collection merged.

It is my pleasure to present to you the lovelies Carrie & Anna Claire!

Anna Claire, although we live our lives apart I feel like we influence each other more now that when we lived under the same roof at our 2505 residence. If only we could go back to sharing our closets, ohh my our wardrobes merged could be hell on heals (in a wonderful way)! She's a true talent and the creative potential in her just overflowing. 
You can see her hopeful free spirit in her eyes.

Carrie, and her mad success as a 20-something. This girl has got it all together. She has multiple marathons behind her, a handsome fiance, and skills in the kitchen I could only hope to master in the next 10 years. And all the while rocking her career as a Chemical Engineer and remaining stunning and lovely. She has an ease on camera, as if she's missed her calling or something.
Carrie-girl, it's a pleasure to still have you as a friend and an influence in my life!!

Aren't they beautiful?!

And that's all kids!

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