Summer Love

8/10/2011 12:36:00 AM

I’m madly in love with summer. And it’s drawing to a close, which makes me miss it already. Much like when your honey goes on a trip and you know you’ll miss him terribly and want to spend every moment with him before he leaves. That’s how I feel about the end of summer. No more whites or linens or trips or shorts or suntan lines or 8 PM sunsets. Oh the sunsets. Me, sunsets and Instagram have shared quite the summer.

And as with every summer I have such high hopes and dreams for 3 months we have together. (As with every season, except for winter. The only good thing about winter is Christmas and possibly Mardi Gras. But Mardi Gras is so much better when it’s not in the depths of winter. I’ve digressed…). You know, always a reason to start fresh. Ah, New Beginnings.

It’s coming to a close, my friends. Although, I am looking forward to the boots of fall. Oh a warm happy feeling just went through me at the thought of how perfectly complete an outfit looks with boots and a scarf. But, I really do love summer. It’s just a little love affair with fall clothing. Nothing for summer to be overly jealous of. And, again, off track.

I made a bucket list of things to accomplish for the summer. The list is not where it needs to be and I’ve been very distracted. What was the list? Here’s a link!
What I have accomplished? Decorating the cabinets in my kitchen. And under budget!

What I didn’t accomplish? Working out. At.All. My poor body. I’m sorry for taking you for granted.

Back to the end of summer...
There is one really wonderful thing that comes with the end of summer. Oh, well, my August Birthday Tradition, of course. And that’s this weekend. Unfortunately, two of my favorites will not be in attendance this year. But that is not to say that it won’t be a perfectly wonderful weekend of fun (and PICTURES!!!). Need.To.Find.The.Point.And.Shoot.

Before I leave you. One of the things on the bucket list was ‘The New Orleans Open or Closed Project’. And it’s not finished. But it is started! Here's a taste.

I love you, Summer. And I’m deeply sorry that I’ve not blogged about you and for you more.

Nevertheless, I am pretty excited about these little girls! Just the thing to walk me from Summer right into Fall. And the necklace? That was my birthday present to myself from last year. It’s kind of been a wardrobe stable the last few weeks. It makes me feel similar to the way boots make me feel. Confident and pretty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!!

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  1. I have a love affair with fall clothing too! I can't wait until I can wear layers and boots again. Loved this post.





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