8/01/2011 12:58:00 AM

Oh my it really August already? Time really does start going much too fast as we get old{er}.

As far as July goes, I'd say it was a success. Almost two whole weeks of vacation, a spa day, started on my summer picture project, almost finished a website design, a lantern purchase, no home improvements but hopefully that comes in August. I've also promised myself to do 'spring cleaning' before summer is over...all my weekends in August are filling up quick tho (Eeks!).

You know what August is, don't you? If you don't know, you'll soon find out, I'm sure. It's hard to miss.

As for photography. I've got 4 photo sessions set up for the August thru September and I'm just absolutely giddy about them!

Today David and I went buzz Magazine St. in Uptown NOLA so that I could get some play time in with my camera. Who knew that camera time could actually overshadow shopping... it's more than a lust thing, (I'm tell you. I'm not making sense. And it's 7 minutes until 1 AM on a work night. Of dear gracious God.)

2 pictures from my play day:

The End.

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