One of Many

7/25/2011 10:39:00 AM

I know, I know, it's been like a lifetime ago that I've actually posted anything. I have no excuses. But I've also had no inspiration either. So, even though I've drafted like 3 posts, the all have failed to make the cut.

I'll be short.

This is the outcome of Family Vacation :: Many of these still need to be fine tuned, but you get thE general idea!

Gizzy, poor thing had a very hard vacation. But, we found out he's quite the little model pup, he just loved posing for the camera!

This picture wins for having the most soul.
This is my oldest brother, my mom, and the littlest neice, Brooklyn (aka Angel-Girl)

 The three Moreau men :: Dad, Beau & Luke.

The whole family!!  
I'm the third of seven children. Our family just keeps growing and growing. The four littlest ones are Aprel's children. They were the highlight of vacation. Ashley, the sister younger than me, is also expecting. And look at Gizzy, he's such the little model. I just can't get over it. LOL

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