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6/28/2011 09:09:00 AM

Social Media has blow up in the last 8-10 years.

Remember when you use to sign on to your dial up, check you hotmail or aol account, and then check everyone's away messages on aim?!

And with aim came the nerds with blogs and buddy profiles. That's when I was hooked. I'd say it was about junior year of highschool, compliments of Mallory Keating, who I may or may not still be friends with on facebook. (going check...) Nope, not friends. Sad...she left such an impression. LOL

My very first blog was with blogger, whaticalllife.blogspot.com. It's still out there to be found.

I had two xangas between this blog and that blog. rebelgerl8 & love_love_jenjen. Which I will not link and stalkers beware. hahahah Honestly, I just can't check them at the moment...and well...it was college, who knows what you will find on those. Rebelgerl8, though unfortunate by name, probably held most of my life on it. And who's to thank for my xangas? None other than, Lauren-girl, herself. We blogged strong in college. My favorites are still the vague anonymous posts we wrote to very specific people.

Somewhere in late highschool on into early college came - myspace, then facebook and social media exploded. Even the generic-aim-away-messagers, 'I'm away from my computer right now', got hooked to facebook. And then came facebook photos. Oh.my.gosh. The hours of my life that were spent in front of my computer stalking and posting pictures is countless.

Then twitter. Which, then. was more a good way to mass text your friends than a way to get news and stories. Oh how times are changing. LOL

And then we graduated college.

BOOM. 2008
is when I realized how huge the blogging community was and how much it was constantly growing. It's massive. Now there's people who are paid (good money) to blog, who make livings out of it. Thank goodness that Sex and the City came before social media exploded. It just wouldn't have been the same. It's not immature or nerdy to blog anymore, it's almost mainstream - trendy. And considering my past, it makes my heart warm to be able to say I've been there to see it grow.

I'll be honest, I still get taken aback when someone who doesn't have a blog says they read mine. For a long time what happened on the internet stayed on the internet. People didn't talk about it. Was it facebook that changed all of that? No, facebook was around long before blog posts and comments were spoken of outside of the web. It was just understood (#fightclub), what happened on your blog stayed on your blog. That is not the case anymore. And I'm glad. I have plenty of followers who are only connected via facebook links if I show up in their minifeed - and I'm good with that. I love it, actually.

And with that...I'll be concluding this blog shortly. By the way, I have no idea where that all came from. Have I posted a blog like that before? I hope not...that'd be weird.

What I was going to blog about is bloglovin & instagram. I'll be short.

Even if you don't have a blog, bloglovin.com is the perfect way to follow all the blogs you love. This of blogs as free magazine subscriptions, cuz really that's what they are. Except you can't lay out by the pool with your laptop...idea forming...bloglovin for the nook. I'll get my people to get with their people.


And the first blog you should follow is Start, Pretty & Awkward.
It's three short little tips to better yourself daily. Since I was referred to it, I rarely miss a day.

As for instagram...
I really enjoy what the sun can do for a picture, obviously.
And well...instragram is like twitter for the photo addicted.

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