Inspiration Deprived

6/01/2011 02:11:00 PM

I hate it when this happens. I have a day in the office to be 'corporately creative' and I.got.nothing.

I'm working on a fun animation announcing a big project we just landed! Okay, that statement was deceiving. I'm suppose to be working on an animation...
Really, all i'm doing is searching for something to inspire me.

This is the last announcement we did: Good News
We send a link to everyone in the company and I watch google analytics spike to the 1000s for a day. It's fun and people like it!

Problem is...
I feel like the last one was a level amount of corporate and casual. Exacting how attitudes at EDG are. We know how to produce quality work, but we're laid back people, in general (you know, there's always a few exceptions, LOL).
I'd like to have the same feeling for the next announcement, but I want to change it up enough to keep it exciting! Clearly, I'm struggling today. I've started 3 designs and googled the heck out of javascripts and flash for inspiration. Nottta.  

BTW have you noticed how hella good some graphic animators are? From the concept thru production the design process is true talent. I just don't have that. I wish I did.

While we're talking about my nine to five, I'll share the last graphic I put together. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.
It's our Character by Design tree. The words in the tree are the 49 Character Qualities. The phrases in the trunk are our 'Corporate Goals'.
'to find out more about the 49 character qualities visit www.characterfirst.com' LOL I just said that in a really fast voice like when they tell you all the bad side effects at the end of a commercial...

Alright, back on my search for inspirations....

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