An Ode to Twenty(Five)

8/24/2011 12:32:00 AM

We'll get all track immediately because we need to start with ... can you believe that school is already back in session? It's always a little odd when school supplies take over the first few rows at Target & Walmart and I'm not really suppose to buy anything. But, what's more strange this year, is that I'm not really yearning for it - at all. (Back on track) That's part of being this new age I am, I suppose. Speaking of, I've written a little something, for Lauren, for me, & for Anna, as we've all officially crossed over into the next 'quarter of a century of our lives' -- and here it is.

And that's that. Please, all 30-somethings, don't take offense to the reference in there. I'd say we'll be there before you know it...but I'm still in denial over here. LOL

And, I'm up a whole hour past my bedtime...that's been an ongoing trend since I've turned the corner past 25. Can't be good for my metabolism. Off to sleep.


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