A Note to My Baby Girl

3/13/2015 07:17:00 AM

Hey sweet girl,

I've been thinking a lot about you and me. Us. Mom and daughter. I've been thinking a lot about what kind of mom I hope to be. I made a list, it's a list of little moments, memories, little traditions that I hope to share with you. It's incomplete and a little bit random. But, it's worth sharing.

Let's bake together. 
from when you're two to when 
you're (i don't know) forty-two. 

Let's play in the rain. 
on warm summer days, lets go puddle jumping. 

Let the house be full of music and laughter. 
let's dance around the house because we can. 

Let's go outside and go on adventures.
we can save the TV for sick days and lazy days. 

Let's do nice things for people. 
just random acts of kindness. 

Let's pray together. 

Let's play dress up.
and make normal days feel special. 

Let's find ways and things to do to make daddy happy. 
and then surprise him. 

Let's really celebrate every holiday. 
all of them, but especially birthdays! 

Let's be you and me
and daddy - ALWAYS. 

Now, little miss, we just wait for you to get here. One week from your due date, the first day of spring, March 20.

I love you so much. 
We love you so much.  


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