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My Open Apology to All Moms

5/20/2015 11:06:00 PM

A lot of things make more sense to me these days. Spending the majority of my twenties as a non-mom there were a lot of assumptions (I'm embarrassed to admit) that I made. Well, I'm here after eight weeks of motherhood to share my realizations:

1. I will never judge a mother's body ever again.

My post-baby body, although much improved from the first day after giving birth, is still very different than my pre-pregnant body. Things just change. Albeit, I ate everything I wanted when I was pregnant (I blame it on the King Cake, I ate so.much king cake), I didn't exactly become Jessica Simpson, but this body is different. I thought my body was a rubber band and it would just bounce right back to what it was before. Yeah, no...

To every single mom who is rocking a MILF-bod. You go girl! You're my hero and inspiration!

Luckily, I have a support system of healthy, work-out-minded people around me who will continue to keep me motivated. If it weren't for them....well, just Thank God for them. (Looking at your Aprel & every single person at Fresh Junkie Racing).

2. I will never judge a mother's obnoxious picture posts of their baby on Facebook, Instagram, etc. ever again. 

Do you follow me on Instagram? 'nuff said.

3. I will never judge a mother's attachment to breast-feeding ever again.

I love it. I'll admit, breast-feeding was one of my least favorite ideas about having a baby. I knew it was the "right thing," the "healthy option"; but I didn't like the idea of a baby sucking on my boobs. How unsexy? Nonetheless, I committed to doing it because I didn't have a good excuse for not doing it.

Well, in that moment - that emotional first embarrass of my baby girl - when she took to me like we were made for each other - I was hooked.

Amazed at how instinctive it was for her and in awe at how brilliant God really is. And still, eight weeks later, it is her favorite thing. It's the thing that calms her nerve, puts her to sleep, and reminds me to relax. Although, sometimes inconvenient, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

4. I will never judge the the wardrobe of a mother ever again.

The struggle is real. See "I will never judge a mother's body ever again." My closet that is chocked-full of adorable pre-pregnancy clothes is useless to me these days. I've resorted to lots of Piko shirts and embraced the forgiveness of the color black. Hopefully, one day, my boobs and thighs fit back into my "old" clothes. Until then, I will collect clothes that fit this unfamiliar body. A body I don't want to invest much money in because I hope this body isn't my body for long.

Throw nursing into the wardrobe conundrum - hahahahahah. How do more women not complain about these things?! Like I said before, moms are champions.

5. I will never judge another woman's home ever again.

I walked into my living room last Saturday, the nap nanny was on the kitchen table, the car seat on the coffee table, a pile of Naomi's laundry was on my sofa, the jogging scroller in my way, and I groaned, "this is exactly what I never wanted my house to look like."

Prior to Naomi I was determined to avoid the baby takeover of our common space. Hahahahahaha Somethings just can't be helped. See, there's this little cuddly bundle-of-love that requires your attention at the drop-of-a-hat at any given moment. You start projects laundry and never finish. When she does finally go to sleep for a moment you don't even know where to start so you sit there for a second feeling all-overwhelmed and then the moment is over. Next thing you know, you're picking her up and dancing around add-libbing Taylor Swift's, "Welcome to New York," mesmerized at her new-found smile.

You can see how the house work takes a nose-dive with those kind of distractions. Add exhaustion to the mix and it really is hard to keep up.

But, I've accepted that my friends are going to love me regardless of what my house looks like. And I pray that my husband continues to love me regardless of what our house looks like. I kid, I kid...well, kind of. LOL

To every single mom that was a mom before I became a mom, I must apologized to you for not realizing how resilient you are. You are my hero, my inspiration, my motivation, my answers.

To every single woman who hasn't experienced the pure-joy of being a mom, careful to pass judgement. Somethings you will never understand until you experience them for yourself.

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