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Little Miss Naomi Turns Two Months

5/22/2015 11:47:00 PM

Naomi's Two Month Update

Wow, when I look back at my one month old baby I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Can I say she's getting prettier everyday? 

Weighing 9.75lbs. She's making eye contact and responds to our voices when we talk to her. She's smiling at us when she's in a good mood and taking her binky/pacifier/noopy a lot more these days. She'll sleep alone in her bassinet, but she still loves to cuddle. We sing and dance to Baby Einstein Pandora station and she's been in her 0 - 3 month clothes for a good 2 weeks already. She's a socialite, loves being on the go and takes long naps when there's lots of conversation all around her. She made her first trip to Lake Martin, she enjoyed the boat rides and didn't hate her life jacket (LOL). She's just starting to lift her head for tummy time, but she's getting stronger all the time. We fall in love with her a little more every day (if that's even possible!). 

What an amazing gift God has entrusted us with.

Momma Update 

I feel like it was last week that I sat on the sofa, feeling overwhelmed, "my only priority today is taking pictures of my baby." I told David. It was her one month birthday and I hadn't really taken pictures of her yet - a mom and photographer FAIL. Nonetheless, turning on my camera was a turning point for me. 

It wasn't long after that I started to recognize myself again. Which was unexpected considering I hadn't noticed I hadn't been myself in a long time. That following Sunday I jogged for the first time in months - another pieces of myself that felt really natural. The week after that I opened my work email, "I'm back on the grid." Very slowly over the last month I'm rediscovering what makes me, me. For a moment there I was Naomi's mom; but I had kind of misplaced who I was before her. 

They say losing yourself is a really normal feeling as a new mother. But like many other aspects of Mom's Club orientation, you don't really know what that means until you experience it for yourself.

It feels really good to finally be getting a grasp on what this new life will be. I'm sure the next year (or 5) will be quite the adventure. Nonetheless, as Naomi smiles at me multiple times a day, I've worked out 4 times this week, visited with some of my favorite girl friends, and I'm catching up on this moment, life feels really good.  

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