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5/25/2011 09:34:00 AM

This week is absolutely busy. The good kind of busy when you get to see everyone and do lots of things that you love doing. The kind of week when i wish that someone followed me around with a camera and captured the little moments in my life. Words just can't tell you how beautiful this week has been so far, and it's only Wednesday.

Nonetheless, I will share. {This is more for me than it is for you}

Sunday | David and I had a perfect day. It was one of those days when you feel warm and tingly in your soul. We went to Mass in New Orleans to a beautiful cathedral, St. Patrick's, followed by lunch and driving around uptown talking about how living in one of those beautiful houses on the Avenue is part of our 30-year plan. (I said 15 years, but David told me to be more realistic, LOL).  About 3:00 we decided to put on our running shoes at Audubon Park. I fell deeper in love with New Orleans & David on Sunday. {David is the highlight of my life.} And me and my instagram really had fun...

Monday | was Dad's Birthday. The family isn't actually planning to celebrate dad's bday until Friday, but mom invited me to dinner anyways cuz it was his 'actual birthday'. I was the oldest at home that night which hardly never happens. I brought Dad wine, Kimberly serenaded the dinner table with humming water goblets, and we ended up outside by the pool with a glass of wine and a conversation about how to grow closer to God (you know, the kind of conversation you can really only have with your parents). Later that evening I found myself in the parking lot at Target, sitting indian-style in my car just chatting with Mindy about life & love & babies. (Have I mentioned how glad I am that Mindy has moved back home?) All of these events are like those events that you would see in a movie montage about living a happy life.

Tuesday | was packing and cleaning...sort of. Later in the PM Grace and Mindy arrived at my house. The rest of my week I will not be around for our weekly girls dinner so I had told them they could come over, but I had to be productive. So they came over...but I wasn't productive. LOL We ended up on the sofa in my living room talking about plastic surgey, getting older, girl drama, shopping at Marshall's, how different a pair of glasses can make you feel, how people preceive us and remembering how long we've been friends. Grace and Mindy are two treasures in my life. I love both of them so much and the person I am when I'm in their company. Last night was one of those nights that I hadn't had in a long time. It was like a highschool slumber party, except with no bedtimes and wine. I needed it.
I should have taken out the camera on Tuesday to capture a few moments...
Here's the only photo evidence of Tuesday:
It's looks so pretty, when in fact it was just another day in my life.
Wednesday | is today. And it's just starting. "I'm glad it's wednesday. I still have plenty to do the rest of the week and Wednesday is late enough in the week for it not to be depressing, but early enough in the week for me to still be hopeful to close this week out well!" - as documented by gmail.
This evening I've been invited to David's parents for a crawfish boil. A crawfish boil on a week day? Okay! :)

Thursday | is a girls' night and a boys' night out on the town. A friend of mine, Amanda, is tying the knot on Saturday and we have to bring her out and about before she settlesdown, of course. The boys will be accompanying us down to the city in a party bus before we go out separate ways. I'm sure the night will be full of Pat O's and pictures...and I'm sure Friday morning will come much too soon.

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