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4/25/2012 09:09:00 PM

My dear friend, Lauren, often posts these enchanting little bits that are reminiscent of that of a chainmail survey (remember those? haha). I’ve decided to follow her lead this evening. (Hope you don't mind too terribly much!)

I had plans tonight to visit a dear friend, but work kept me much past my regular time. Hence, I’ve embraced my office space for a chance to catch up a little on a few things I’ve let fall to the waste – ahem – my blog. (Enjoy)


reading The Knot’s To Do List.
I realize this is not actually reading material, in fact it promotes stress as opposed to relaxation.  Haha
Nevertheless, I am looking for a good poolside read – Suggestions welcome!  

writing  Thank You Notes.
I had an amazing Bridal Shower this past weekend. This past Sunday My intended Mom-in-Law and her sister through the classiest Bridal Shower a girl could wish for. I’ve since then ordered adorable Thank You Cards (my very first Etsy purchase!) and have taken pen to paper. I thought I would really dread the task, but I’m actually very much looking forward to it.

listening Our First Dance Song, on repeat.   
It took a long time for David (my fiancĂ©) and I to choose the song we will share our First Dance to. I heard it for the first time on an XM Radio artist ‘First Listen’ and it made me tear up. There is just something about finding a song that fits perfectly. I can’t wait to share that moment with David.

thinking about the future
We may (or may not) close on our future house on Friday. 36 ½ hours from this moment – not that I’m counting.

smelling what’s left of my washed hair
I didn’t allow my hair to dry fully this morning before it went into a bun. I’ve let it down now, 12 hours later, and it’s still a little damp. It’s probably a little disgusting, but I like the way it kind of smells like I still have perfectly fresh, clean hair.

wishing to be a better ‘me’.
With all of the commotion that has infiltrated my life recently (a new position at work, wedding plans, house buying, events galore) I’ve found little time to be my “best” self. Girl-friend time has been limited to rushed office chitchat, heytell conversations, or end of the day drinks; which aren’t very conducive to creativity, inspiration or excessive laugher. (Actually, heytell is possibly the exception.)

hoping everything falls into place.
Wedding. House. Work. Photography. The Future.

wearing my new favorite pair of earrings.
Then again, anything I ever buy from Anthropologie becomes my favorite.

loving that I’m actually blogging right now!!

wanting my wedding dress to come in!!
4 months, it’s just too long.

needing to take picture.
I’ve not done much with my camera lately. I miss it terribly.

feeling nostalgic.
Maybe it’s the survey, maybe it’s the blog, maybe it’s the text conversation I has today about not ever growing up.  Nevertheless, I miss something. Maybe, I miss a simplier time.
Before I leave you. I'll share with you a pretty little image I've put together. This is two images I've merged together from New Years Eve. What you are actually looking at is unfocused fireworks and a sparkler heart! It makes me happy, hope you feel similarly!

With love,

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  1. i am kind of in LOVE with this post. :) so glad you did your currents. i loved our text conversation today. but yes, it made me feel nostalgic too. love you. miss you. and i'll say it again - so glad to see you blogging!





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