Bigness Comes And Goes

2/06/2013 04:32:00 PM

From 40:20 Vision

"...a misunderstanding about life… how bigness can just come and go. It’s not like you arrive and it stops and just gets smaller. It goes on.

I thought that you arrived somewhere and then you are there and that’s who you are — whether that’s the house, the car, the kids, whatever your dream is. There’s this one plateau and you get there and you stay there. I thought that’s the way life was. But it turns out — and what I think is so marvelous — is that those plateaus are happening all the time. It’s just a matter of being open to them. It’s not something to fear. Back then when I saw all these wonderful things happening to me, I was like, “Oh no! Now what?” Well, there’s always more. There’s always more."

 - 40-something NYC, artist, writer, graphic designer and great friend, still weaving the story of her life, New York City

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