Sunday Currently (Vol. 007)

8/04/2013 12:00:00 PM

Well hey there. Two posts in two days, I realize it's the weekend, but still a small victory. I think the trick is keeping my workspace accessible by leaving my Mac opened and plugged in on the desk. That way, all I need to do to write a blog is sit down and start. It's a bit odd to me how little tiny things can make life so much easier -- kind of like cleaning the kitchen right when dinner is over, instead of putting it off and then having to stay up just to load the dishwasher. 

With that being said, I captured a pretty sunset when we were visiting the beach a few weekends ago. I thought they were too pretty not to share. 

My husband's family was so sweet to treated us to a long weekend at Portofino Beach Resort in Pensacola, Florida. It's where I experienced the sunsets and where we took this family picture. Let me tell you, wind and hair with bangs is quite a challenge, which you can clearly see in about 8 other shots of this picture. 

Now for this 

Sunday Currently (a shortened version). 

listening more. trying to talk less. 
eating greek yogurt with honey and 
drinking almond milk, right now as my brunch.
wearing a hair donut that is forming my hair into a really voluptuous bun.  It's pretty much one of my new favorite things. 
wanting to finish our office. It's been the most neglected room in the house, mostly because I want it to be inspiring and well put together so I postpone purchasing things in fear they will conflict with my ultimate vision. We need a book case, a seating area, wall hanging filer, and a desk chair...just to name a few things. 
photographing action and life. It's my un-declared project lately. Capturing life in action and showcasing so it feels like you are in the moment byway of the picture. It seems so simple in concept... 
grateful for the Lord's mercy, grace and forgiveness. And the power of prayer. 

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2 comment(s)

  1. I need to buy a hair donut. It seems to do wonders for people. Every time I check the stores, they are out of the blonde one. Grrr.

    Sounds like you have had a great weekend!

  2. Those sunset photos are beautiful!! That's so nice to be treated to a beach weekend, especially with views like that. Hope you're having a good Sunday! :)





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