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A Pretty Collection of Dresses

8/20/2013 06:33:00 PM

I have this terrible habit of starting blog posts and never finishing them. Really, there are some true half-written treasures pages deep in my blog drafts. (Am I the only one?)  This is one of them. Weeks (or is it months?) late, this was my Friday's Fancies for the post devoted to sandals. I spent the better part of an evening on a Thursday car ride to Destin, Florida drooling over this little dress collection. The plan was to post it the next day. Instead, the following day was spent enjoying time with my husband and his family on a beautiful beach - instead of blogging about dresses I wish hung in my closet. Do you blame me? LOL

Nonetheless, I couldn't let this collection go without sharing. I love each piece of these little outfits. So much so that I can't even tell you which I love most. They all have their charming qualities that make them feel like wardrobe staple pieces.

A Pretty Collection of Dresses

A Pretty Collection of Dresses

Outfit from left to right // earrings, Jessica Simpson | dress, | purse, katespade newyork  heels, katespade newyork  // earrings, katespade | dress, french connection | heels, belle sigerson morrison | earrings, katespade newyork | dress, pierre balmain vintage 1960 | rouge, yves saint laurent | heels, max kibardin franca

Happy tip, a few of those pieces are on sale!!  Visit my polyvore page for links.

Months ago I actually tried on the little navy, sequined number. Fell in love. Then looked at the price tag. I hate it when that happens. Now, it's two-toned sister is on sale for $100, but it's just not the same.

I realize that this particular Friday's Fancies post wasn't actually suppose to be about dresses at all. In fact, it was suppose to be dedicated to 'sandals'. And, if we're being honest, I never actually consider strappy heels (as seen in this post) to be "sandals" at all. If you tell me you are wearing sandals I might end up in flip flops, always clarify that you means heels, dressy-strappy-heels. Or I'll show up terribly under dressed. Nonetheless, I guess I was feeling a little 'out-of-my-box' that night and thought that I could make a strong argument that these dressy-strappy-heels could completely be considered 'sandals.' Regardless, I'm a big fan of the collection of dresses (if you haven't figured that out already!) LOL

I hope you enjoyed my flashback, late to the party, not on a Friday, Friday's Fancies post. Of course, you can always celebrate more Friday's Fancies with Alison at's%20fancies.  

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