Found: 2008 - Sept. 10

10/17/2013 10:25:00 AM

I found this random note to myself on my computer. Document last modified on Sept 10, 2008. 

I have no idea what this was about, where I was in life, what the purpose of this note was, or if it actually turned into a blog ...but I liked it and I thought it needed a place to live besides my archived documents. So, I decided to share it. 

“Live your life without boundaries. Believe in your dreams. Love fully and passionately. Appreciate everyone in your world. Laugh loudly and with abandon. Find moments each and every day to revel in." – Sherri Lee LeVine

Live your life without boundaries: I try to continuously strive to be better than my best-self, I cannot limit my goals to only things that are achievable, and I cannot let the struggles in my life hold me back from where I need to be or how I want to live.

Believe in your dreams: Though my dreams are hazy I strive to remember that there is a future in life and goals that I will achieve, regardless of the sacrifices.

Love fully and passionately: I cannot build walls to keep people out because of previous disappointments. I have an exponential amount of extraordinary love inside of myself and sharing that love each day with every person who wishes to be a part of it is my true joy! In these people, I strive to love The Lord the most fully and passionately. 

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