And Another...2012 - July 7

10/17/2013 10:48:00 AM

Found this little random thought...written about a month before I got married. 

It’s an interesting thing – the thought of getting married.

Really, it’s interesting, our need - our longing - for lifelong commitment.

And never in the beginning do we ever think of who they will become – in a car ride or at a causal weekday dinner. We know things will change, we will grow, and our best hope is always that we grow together to make each other better people. But, in the middle of it all when we’re just at the point of being ourselves when no one else is watching our relationship – it’s interesting the people we are around the people we’ve learned and love so naturally. It’s interesting what we accept as them and the things we just choose to not accept – like burping. 

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