Sunday Currently (Vol. 008)

11/03/2013 04:23:00 PM

writing a few things: to do lists for everything from work, house chores, week goals, a website, retail spreadsheets for a "client". I have so much on my mind, if I don't write it down it will be forgotten. The challenge is keeping it all organized. 
listening to the TV in the background when I'm at the house getting things done. I find there are certain shows that just calm my anxiety and ease my mind by simply being on the TV, even if I have no intention of sitting down to watch them. 
eating things I shouldn't lately. I must have a "clean" week this week. My body is screaming for it.  
smelling Fall. How fantastic is this cooler weather setting in?
wishing I could work from home way more often. There is something I love about being at my house with the little dog Sam, in lounge clothes, being productive. 
hoping this week is as productive as I need it to be. That is all. I just want to get all of my to do's completed. That's not too much to ask, right?  
wearing sweat pants and an over-sized tshirt, there is nothing quite as wonderful as lazy clothes when there's a little chill in the air. 
loving the flowers that are surrounding my house after the "Baby Party" we had at the house yesterday! Yellow coronations, roses, and baby's breathe are everywhere. (see pictures below)
wanting to spend some time with a good friend who I haven't seen in weeks because of our busy schedules. She is one of those friends who makes me feel completely at ease and in my element. I have been feeling a bit out of my element lately, she has a way of bringing me back 'home'.
wondering what life would be like if a few things changed and how realistic those changes may or may not be. 
photographing more lately, but not enough. 
clicking for some shirt orders. Great customer service. We'll see how the shirt turn out. *fingers crossed* 
grateful (I always say this, but it's the truth) for my husband. My wonderful husband. I use to think it was cliche' to say that you love them more every day, but it's just the truth...we have grown together so much. He is my best friend and it never ceases to amaze me how much he understands me. 

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