Discovering a Balance Life

12/31/2013 05:39:00 PM

Approaching January 1 of a new year always sends me into rejuvenation mode.

I always reflect on the last 365 days, what has been successful (my marriage), what needs improving (my laundry habits), and what I want to bring into the next year.  After some self-evaluation I've determined that my main objective for 2014 is creating a Balanced Life.  This has to be the secret to life, right? I believe that this Balanced Life is different for every person, but finding balance in your own life is the secret to success. Where ever and however that is accomplished.

In order to find that balance I know I need to outline what is important to me - what a successful, well-rounded life looks to me.  Identifying a few elements is how I'm starting this process. My life needs a little bit more fun, intentional relaxation, more laughter, less TV, the word “No”, to be more organized, to have more intention, and more focus on things that make a happy life, a life with purpose, a life with a little less stress, a lot more exercise, and a lot more prayer.  

David and I have been having discussions about the choices I've been making. Why I feel it necessary to work two and three jobs, why I over commit myself, and how it has negative impacts on my life and on our relationship.  David does not like stressed out Jenny. Not that anyone really does because me on stress resembles that of a frantic turtle that doesn't respond well to people even when I'm on high doses of caffeine. My poor husband does such a good job of dealing with me when I'm a little bit of a basket case. But the basket case has to go. Hence, finding the balance.

All of that said, this December 31st, I have realized that having discipline, setting goals, and having determination are the only things that will get me where I want to be.

Here's to 2014 being my year of balance.
  • The year when I spend time with the people, things, and places that I love. 
  • The year when my core muscles enable me to have inner-strength and control over my body. 
  • The year when my professional life and personal life work together to help me feel successful and achieved. 
  • The year when God is at the center of it all. 

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