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So, there the test was...

9/05/2014 11:16:00 PM

On a Wednesday in late July I had a terrible headache, I'd spent the day in Baton Rouge and arrived home exhausted with a pounding head. Nonetheless, something told me I shouldn't throw back a pain killer before checking...

So, there the test was, I watched as the result appeared in the little window and it looked negative... I went grab a glass of water, changed into comfy clothes and walked back about 5 minutes later to throw the pregnancy test away...

Stopped, squinted, held the test up to the light, shook it, "is there a second line?"

"No! I just want there to be a second line."

"I feel like the more I look at it the more there may be a second line..."

I threw that test away. It wasn't definitive enough.

David had worked way too late and was on his computer when I arrived home from a work meeting later that evening. I just kind of mentioned the whole situation to him, but his only real reply was , "well it probably wasn't a line." Which was David's way of saying, "Bae, don't get your hopes up."

The "un-positive test" gave us a day to realize just how much our lives may be changing soon. The following night we had dinner plans with his parents to celebrate his birthday. His parents were running a little late to the restaurant which gave us the opportunity to discuss stopping at the drug store on the way home for another test.

I limited myself to only one glass of wine that night.

When we got home I took test two. I waited to look for the whole three minutes before looking at the results -- as the instructions say to do. There's a second line this time, for sure. It was reallllly light, but it was a second line. I showed David the test. and read the instructions aloud, "the second line may appear lighter, but it is still a positive test result."

That night, I said it out loud, "I think we're gonna have a baby."

We decided I would take another test in two days just to make sure. The following morning he kissed my belly before he kissed me good morning... And that's how we found out about our upcoming baby.

We are excited, obviously. I just never expected to be as scared and worried as I feel like I am. I have this little life growing inside of me. I'm building a human. A human that I feel we already love more than anything else in this entire world. I can't wait to meet this kid. But, it's a scary process too. There are so many things that can happen between now and week 38 - all completely out of my control. March 20th can't get here soon enough. Every single affirmation of a healthy baby gets me through my days. Countdowns until the next doctor's appointment, morning sickness, food aversions, they are all little welcomed-inconveniences that remind me the little growing human is okay in there -- it's just part of the building a human process, I suppose.

Please, please keep us in your prayers. Have your babies say a prayer for our growing baby. We are so grateful God has blessed us with an opportunity to be parents.

Here's the first picture of our little "peanut." I think he looks a little like David already. :)

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