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12/12/2009 02:20:00 AM

a few things happened this week that made me feel like a whole person again. i had been feelings like i was pushing through each day without a purpose, no light at the end of the tunnel, nothing to look forward to except routine. but i remembered a few things this week, a few things that had seemed to slip my mind and its exactly what made me feel so lost.

1) I need people to need me. It's what I live for really and its what makes me happy. The extra effort that I put into people that I care about is part of who I am. When people expect things of me and for me to be placed and I feel it is more than a burden I have the wrong perspective. My perspective should be that I am honored to have the opportunity and the love in my life of friendship. And I should continue to be grateful for the points of view that each person brings to my life. That is why I seemingly stretch myself thin for others, because I need them as much as they need me. I forgot that, it's nice to remember.

2) It is important to listen to the struggles your friends deal with. When you listen to them they are much more likely to listen to you. Having someone listen is like taking the weight off your shoulders and splitting it in half. If you are able to talk through something you are about to pinpoint the problem and then solve it. And well, talking to yourself just doesn't really have the same effect.

3) Friendships take time to grow. They, like most things, need love to grow healthy. And the thing I cherish more in my friendships is when people understand my perspective and can relate to me and vice versa.

4) Sometimes "I miss you" means more than "I love you."

5) When your body has had enough it will tell you. My body has had enough driving over the Causeway, which is probably why I threw up on myself this afternoon while driving home. I spent the rest of the day nursing myself back to health. My body needed a break, so it decided to make me contagious.

6) I will probably still call my mom when I'm 30 when i don't feel good.

7) When you love someone you need to tell them, if you don't you risk that love fading (instead of growing).

...just to name a few.

I feel better. I owe everyone in my life for helping me get back to a good place. It feels good to be back.

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