Merry Belated Christmas

12/27/2009 09:19:00 PM

My family opened christmas presents without me this year because I overslept. I'm just thankful that that happened at the end of 2009 and not the beginning of 2010, because 2010 will be a better year. A better decade, hopefully. I may have made my entire family feel pretty bad about it, but I still think they should feel bad. This is MY christmas, and well they basically had it without me. I'm pretty sure that's over there in a the "i don't feel very loved" category. It's one of the downfalls of being from a family as large as mine, i suppose. Regardless, it's pretty shitty. I shouldn't even tell you about it, cuz 3 years from now I hope to forget about this specific Christmas morning, but I think it did long term damage.

David did the best this Christmas. He got me a camera and a season of Gilmore Girls. It's complete proof that he really knows me.

I never did get a Christmas tree. Maybe a bahabugged myself. It just didn't end up fitting into the schedule early enough to seem justified. But, never again will that happen. I will ALWAYS have a tree from now on.

Christmas money will go to:

  • an iphone
  • paige jeans
  • riding boots/flat boots
  • bed spread
  • bedroom rug
  • big floor mirror for my room
with <3

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