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2/22/2010 12:17:00 AM

Last week I got a facebook message from a college friend about their problems. I hadn't heard from them in awhile, so it was a nice surprise. Even given that they were having a personal struggle, it was still nice to hear from them. Sometimes it's nice to hear that everything is the same. And, again I was reminded that I need people to need me. I like helping people. I just do. Especially friends.

Life has not been doing much, "moving forward" lately. Except, maybe it has. But it's not because of anything I'm personally doing. It's just life, moving forward and taking me with it. I'm just along for the ride and it's picking me up along the way. And ya know what, I don't hate it.

This is not saying I don't have serious life improving to do. The dust under my bed is a serious problem and me room NEEDS cleaning. I still have tons of classes I need to sign up for to advance my career and I learn something I should have probably already known everyday.


My boyfriend told me he loved me. And "I love you" has never sounded as real as it did as when he says it.
I don't work the front desk anymore.
My office is slowly coming together.
And I'm happy. Really, truely, most day I feel like I'm living the good life - Happy.

With love...

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  1. for some reason, i haven't been getting your updates, but i think i corrected this problem. i LOVE this post. i love you, i miss you, and hopefully soon we'll be reunited.





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