Past my bed time...

2/03/2010 12:53:00 AM

I haven't just sat up in awhile.
Just sat up and let myself stay up past 12:00.
Everyone says that to function properly you need at least 6 hours of sleep. And I do believe that is true.
I've been in more control of my weight. I can make it through the days without feeling sudden urges to fall asleep. And I'm a happier person more often than not. Nonetheless, sometimes I just need to stay up. I need to find my creative mind. And I need to get things accomplished that don't usually happen in the allotted 18 hours that I am normally awake. Tonight it feels good. Which is why I come to you in the closing moments of my night, to simply remind you that sleep and all its perks is sometimes overrated.

I'm feelings myself gearing up to start working out again. It feels good. Now to just make the time to do it. My body wants to be toned and my personality is much more pleasing when I am feelings good about myself. Self-conscious Jenny is about as good as no Jenny at all. So, Lauren, bring on the workout bragging. I need it as part of my motivation.

My saving grace is the redbull I know is in the fridge and the B-12 vitamins that I know will give me an extra lift tomorrow.

with love, excitement, a hug & a kiss...

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  1. your asking me to bring on workout bragging is the motivation IIIIII need to get back in gear now. <3ed this entry - write more often, k? thanks!





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