Party in the MIA

1/27/2010 07:29:00 AM

What do you do for fun? What is the things that you look forward to doing when you no other priorities to take care of? I was proposed this question yesterday. I know what i don't do. I don't want TV.
But what do I do?
- I blog.
- I take a long time to get ready.
- I shop. Window shop mostly.
- Sometimes I paint.
- I take magazine clippings and make something out of them.
- I drive around aimlessly with my music cranked up load.
- and now, when I only have a few minutes to spare I play Words with Friends.
I don't really have much spare time though. But I should try for more spare time, I think it helps define a person.

Maybe I'll start waking up earlier, maybe I'm a morning person. I just don't know because when I'm not sleeping in the morning I'm grumby cuz I'm awake. Maybe I should take a new outlook on mornings. Or not. We'll see.

Work is overwhelming right now.
Truth - it is impossible to get long-term goals occomplished if you are continuously having small tasks dumped on you.

In other news
The Saints are Going to the Superbowl.
When did that happen?!
And I saw the Ying Yang Twins perform "Stand Up and Get Crunk" at a surprise performance before the game. It was a good omen!
Oh and My Gosh. I was there.
It was the most amazing experience of my life. Right there as that pigskin flew through the fieldgoal posts. People cried. I screemed like a 5 year old that couldn't believe something was happening. Everyone hugged everyone. And the city is still all smiling. Fireworks went off all night. And tolls were lefted from magor toll roads. And every car on the road played Saints music. Even the Vikings couldn't help but smile.

Oh when the Saints go marching in,
Oh when the Saints go marching in,
Oh how I want to be in that number,
When the SAINTS go marching in.

A little news clips from Miama.

Pictures to come.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez <3

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