It was one of those top 5 nights oh my life kind of things...

1/17/2010 11:17:00 PM

The Endymion 

Coronation Ball 


"Okay, before we leave we have to take a picture in the mirror" 
"Anything for you, gorgeous." 

My perfect date. 
He was "cutting the rug."
As of last night, I believe that every event that requires dancing should have at least three songs that require umbrellas. 

The Endymion Man

He was happy to be getting some love, you could tell by his facial expression. 

(and zoom...)

Even happier to get the booze. 

They were everywhere!! :) I am particularly fond of this one. 

My obsession of the night - The Jester. 

"...all I see is black and gold 
and tom benson doing the stroll..."


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  1. hello pretty, skinny friend of mine. i love your dark hair. you look amazing! :))))





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