Since last we spoke....

1/05/2010 08:25:00 PM

a photoshop photoshoot

christmas with the colombs

new years with the family

and resolutions
1) to make memories
in pretty clothes
2) to take pictures
and print them
3) to work out
and diet
4) to blog
good blogs 
5) to take art classes
enjoy art classes
6) to design
and get paid for it
 7) to start projects
and finish projects

but wait...
you didn't think I would move on to 2010 without saying good-bye did you?!
I believe that you should measure a year in progress. 2009 was progress. No victories, no defeats, just a journey that has gotten me to here. Here isn't where I want to be but it is closer to where I am going. With that, I deem 2009 as a successful year.
Without 2009
I would not have found myself in my thriving relationship with David. Or have Kings of Leon on my ipod. I would not have seen Alan Jackson live on Lake Martin. Or worn skinny belts or embraced skinny jeans for that matter. I could have not tried to give up caffeine, which was the epic failure of 2009. I am caffeine dependant, this I know now and embrace. Maybe I could have done without that dress purchase from Walmart that still has the tags. Speaking of Walmart, I believe Walmart only saw me five times this year. A victory, I'd say. Fleur De Lis' have taken over my life; which I refuse to even image it is a bad thing.
Tiger Stadium and I met for the first time. And not rain, nor cold, nor headache, could come in the way.
The Saints have had quite the year, haven't they? And there too, I found myself for the first time this year.
Football, though I do not love you after 2009, I do appreciate you much more. 2009 brought the worse hair color of my life, orange. I do appreciate my dark brown hair much more, so we will count that as another small battle won. 2009, we may have more memories is there was a camera, but now there is a camera and that too is a lesson learned on our journey. It may be sad to see the year I turned 23 go, but only because it brings me one more year closer to 25.
Speaking of turning 23, a celebrity I did meet. And the Travelocity Gnome continues to travel with me.
2009, I wave good-bye. When I think back on you in the years ahead of me, I will feel bittersweet. A journey I learned and grew from, but a journey I am glad is over.

Fare well my friend. With this I will leave you with fond memories and a smile. I'll be seeing you.


Dear 2010,

With a camera, a smile, a plan, and love I meet you. Let's make this the year of love and laugher. A year of brag worthy accomplishments, of lots and lots of pictures, of pretty clothes, of savings, fr prayer, and of memories worth keeping.

With love,

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