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1/22/2010 08:17:00 AM


Yesterday a dear friend asked me to list my favorite songs. She had given me a list of hers, so it what only fair. It wasn't like one of those questions where when you ask the question to them they respond, "oh well, I don't know. I'd need to think about that." No. She had already thought it out. In came a list of songs from another dear friend who had been asked the same question. Beautiful, unique, inspiring, fun, defining music. And then there was me with....nothing.

Now I have a mission. I'm going to list my top 50 all time favs. But this will take me some time and some outside perspective. It will also require searching a little into recent music that I have not discovered yet. But, its my goal for the remainder of January.

Monthly goals. what a concept.

I've become a designer. Thrown in to it really. Probably my father’s doing, unintentionally as it was. I'm here now and I'm in love. But so, so, so, far behind. There is so much out there. I'm overwhelmed constantly with ideas and thoughts and the lack of time to put them all together the way that I want to display them. Take for example, today. I want to post a picture to go with all of these thoughts. So I search. And Search. But nothing quite captures my exact thought. In order for me to give you the exact thought it would take me more time than I feel I should allow myself on work time. Therefore, instead you get only my words.


I realized yesterday that I do not have a best girl friend in my life. My best friend, the person I talk to and spend the majority of my time with, is my boyfriend. I have mixed feelings about this. I don't so much like that about me. I guess I need to redefine the "best friend" role in my life. If I searched, I'm sure that I still have four best friends. Just none that are physically in my presence on a day-to-day basis. My friendships have all grown, matured, and designed themselves to fit into my "adult" life. Bittersweet.


With lots of love and respect...<3

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